Mosquito Screen: A Comprehensive Market Analysis


Mosquito screens are becoming increasingly important. Not just for preventing mosquito bites
but also to reduce dust, sun rays, and other environmental pollutants entering the house.

In this blog, we’ll report the types of retractable zipline screens available in the market, how
vector-borne disease is driving the markets, and the new design trends recently launched.

Types Of Mosquito Screens In The Market:

Mosquito screens are available for doors, windows, balconies, patios, and awnings.

Depending on the coverage

  • Door and window retractable zipline screens– 9 metres long mosquito retractable nets with a mesh-to-track retention system. These mosquito screens are great for French windows, sliding doors, café windows.
  • Balcony and large opening zipline screens- 13 metres long mosquito retractable nets perfect for spacious areas and corner openings, including openings leading to your garden, terrace, and patio.
  • Outdoor mosquito screens- Ideal for outdoor areas such as the garage, attached terraces, open balconies, etc. Brush strips and rubber linings prevent not just mosquitoes and weather elements (rain, dust, etc. to get inside).

Depending on the technology

  • Motorized retractable mosquito net- You can operate the screens using a remote—no need to pause your activity to open or close the screen. Generally, automated mesh screen doors are more expensive. Great for larger areas where the manual operation might be a challenge.
  • Manual retractable screen- These retractable nets are manual. Great for small interior areas such as windows, doors, and even garages.

How Vector-Borne Diseases Are Driving The Retractable Zipline Screens Market?

Malaria and dengue epidemics pose a significant disease burden in the country.

  • India accounted for 83% of estimated cases and 82% of malaria deaths in the WHO South-East Asia Region.
  • In 2021, Chhattisgarh reported the highest number of cases, followed by Odisha, West Bengal and Maharashtra.
  • 2021 also reported 45 Malaria deaths, 54 Japanese Encephalitis deaths, and 142 dengue deaths in the same year.

These disease trends led to increased purchase of door, window, and retractable screens.

6 Top Trending Features of Mosquito Screen Doors

  • The mosquito screen doors market is rapidly evolving, driven by consumer preference. Although the market consists of mixed manufacturers, quality and trustworthiness are the top priority. These two factors contribute to driving sales in the market.
  • With incredible evolutions in infrastructure designs, retractable mosquito products are delivered not just for residential buildings but for commercial constructions as well. These screens offer both insect protection and aesthetic beauty.
  • With the implementation of different styles and materials for balcony retractable screens, fiberglass, stainless steel (SS), and bronze nets are also available in the market.
  • Pet-friendly mesh solutions, low profile construction, and solar mesh protection are the most advanced entrants in the market. The solar screens prevent the entrance of UV rays along with mosquitoes, thus protecting your interior furnishings. Pet-friendly screens have a sturdy mesh that’s resistant to heaving and tearing. Low-profile construction offers discreet solutions for even the plushest interiors.
  • Customized zipline mesh solutions are excellent trends with design styles that have transformed from simple doors, windows, mosquito screens to swing, pleated net doors, sliding systems, roller screens, motorized roller screens, etc.
  • The mosquito screen solutions are available for balconies, kitchens, patio, main doors, or even garages. Top market players have introduced remarkable features such as 100% eco-friendly construction, wind-resistant, low-profile wheelchair-friendly tracks, discreet design, and sun control fabrics in mosquito screen doors.


While the incidence of malaria and dengue were the primary factors for buying retractable
mosquito doors, aesthetic appearance, open-design trends, etc., are also contributing to the
sales of retractable mosquito screens.

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