Our Freedom SmartScreen Motorized allows you to entertain your family and guests in your indoor and outdoor areas without the pesky insects, glare, and other outdoor elements.


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What makes our Freedom™ Smart Screen a very smart choice for homeowners is its dual-function design. What that means is you can use it for both your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to protect your kitchen and indoor dining area from annoying flies and mozzies or ensure your guests won’t get blinded by the sun’s glare while you’re entertaining them on your patio, you can depend on our Smart Screen to do the job. You also have the choice to get them in the pull-down option—recommended for smaller openings—or the fully automated model.


As the fabric is fully encased into the aluminium frame, there are no gaps for the sunlight, glare, and insects to pass through. This innovative system enables our Smart Screen to shield you from insects and glare like no other insect screen can. It also helps lower the effect of rain and strong winds for your enhanced comfort and protection.


Protect your family and friends at the touch of a button by choosing the motorized option of our Freedom™ Smart Screen. Ideal for large outdoor areas such as balconies, garages, and patios, this option lets you make the most of your time with your guests. Instead of interrupting your activities and conversations to pull down the screen, the automated version of our Freedom™ Smart Screen allows you to protect your home and guests from insects, glare, and other elements in the most convenient way possible. Our motorized Smart Screen is powered by Comfy® technology.


We use a brush strip on the bottom edge of our indoor Smart Screen and a rubber weather seal on our outdoor Smart Screen.

The brush strip on our indoor Smart Screen prevents it from damaging the surface of your bar or countertops so you won’t have to repaint or repair them in the future. The rubber weather seal on our outdoor Smart Screen provides a flushed fit and enhanced insulation against outdoor elements.


We make our Freedom Smart Screen from heavy-duty materials to guarantee their long-lasting performance. This is Australian-designed and Indian manufactured insect screen combines the strength of High-Quality aluminium of 6063 Alloy and superior fiberglass mesh with UV resistance from the world’s number one mesh company.


Our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ includes a Three-year limited warranty with a nationwide network of distributors offering parts and service backup. Simply approach any of our distributors should you need any help in replacing your mesh or any part of your screen.



HousingTypeScreen Span Height*Screen Span Width*

*Maximum height and width ratio applies

  • Outdoor and indoor options available
  • Suitable for large openings such as alfresco areas, balconies, doors, garages, patios and smaller openings like serveries and outward opening windows
  • Spans up to 6 metres.
  • Available in powder coat colours
  • YKK Zipper Fed Track System
  • Three-year limited warranty


Choosing and customizing a Freedom Retractable Screen is pretty easy. Just go through the following steps and you’ll be ready to order.


Freedom’s innovative Infinity Zip-Line screens are the best option to go with when it comes to screening the main door, medium-sized balconies, backyard doors, balcony doors, and patios


Our screen doors are custom-made for your home – which means they’ll fit perfectly with your doorway. The chart below shows the sizes available

Protecting my home from insects

Insect mesh is ideal where bugs are a problem this mesh type also reduces up to 55% of UV rays. Insect mesh also features a higher openness factor, which gives you more ventilation and visibility to the outside. Special meshes to deal with no see ums and other tiny insects are available.

Shading my home

Solar mesh types reduce heat and glare by up to 75% as well as keeping insects out. Solar mesh is perfect for keeping your home cooler and protecting your carpets, drapes, and furniture from fading.

Increasing privacy

Privacy mesh and fabrics Block up to 100% of visibility and are available in multiple screen colors and mesh or fabric options. These solutions are also Greenguard, Lead-Free, and Microban certified.

Creating climate controlled spaces

Clear vinyl walls create the perfect transitional living space to entertain your guests throughout the year. In the colder months, studies have shown that it reduces heat loss, while in the warm months it helps to keep your living space cool. These screens can be added by themselves, or as part of a dual roller system that lets you choose between the clear vinyl and Soltis waterproof fabrics walls to create the perfect or one of our other mesh options.

Protecting my home from UV rays

All of our products block UV rays to various extents. Our privacy and solar meshes and our clear vinyl can all block over 80% of UV rays from entering your home. Insect and solar meshes can also provide above 50% UV protection.

Increasing airflow

If bug-free airflow through your home is important – stick to meshes with high openness factors such as our insect meshes. The higher the openness factor, the easier it is for air and light to pass through.


Our door screens are available in 10 standard colors that are ready to order.

Standard Colors

Wood Grain




Screen Specifications

HousingTypeScreen Span Height*Screen Span Width*


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! The Freedom™ SmartScreen has a limited three-year warranty. We also have a nationwide network of distributors that you can approach for parts and service backup.

Our SmartScreen can span up to 6 metres. For our motorised option, we do have maximum dimensions depending on the size of the screen you wish to use. If you prefer our 80mm screen, the maximum dimensions is 4400W x 3000H. If you prefer our 120mm screen, the maximum width is up to 6000. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Yes! We use Somfy® technology for the fully motorised option of our SmartScreen.

Use a dry brush and vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and dirt build-up on your SmartScreen.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living with Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens by Freedom Screens  


 One might also choose to have the garden for fun, games, or relaxation, but insects and bad weather can easily hamper this. Nevertheless, the Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens by Freedom Screens are Smart, retractable screens that can turn your patio, balcony, or deck into a comfortable and protected space. These modern insect screens are the best invention for anybody and will be a great form of protecting the home and beating style. If you need a mosquito screen for the balcony, doors, or any effective insect screen, Freedom Screens is your ideal choice. 

What’s the Use of Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens? 

 Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens from Freedom Screens are designed to serve a variety of practical purposes, enhancing your living spaces in multiple ways: 

Mosquito Screen for Balcony: This will ensure that you can use your balcony to enjoy fresh air while free from the irritations of mosquitoes and other insects. These screens may form a cloak that can help you settle down and rest, feeling completely secure. 

Mosquito Screens for Doors: These screens prevent pests and other bugs from getting into your home while also ensuring the free flow of fresh air within your house. The motorized screen is the most suitable for doors. It works perfectly with its simplicity and has a small interference in the room’s design. 

Insect Screens: Besides protecting against mosquitoes, they can protect from many other insects, so individuals can be comfortable and safe from those creatures. 

Weather Protection: Apart from this, considering you are using indoor screens, they can keep out most of the flying insects and protect you from wind and gentle rains, thus making outdoor spaces usable for longer periods of time. 

Privacy Enhancement: These screens can also function as a physical barrier between yourself and others, secluding you from people on the neighboring premises and those who walk by and want to glimpse a beautiful sight outside your home. 

Convenience and Ease of Use: The motorized format makes the screens very easy to control, which in turn makes it very easy to extend or retract them in the least amount of time, hence maximum convenience.  

Why Buy from Freedom Screens?  

When investing in mosquito or insect screens, choosing a provider that guarantees quality and reliability is essential. Here’s why Freedom Screens is the best choice for your needs:  

High-Quality Materials 

As for the future vision, Freedom Screens is determined to provide high-quality products to its customers. The Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens we offer are effective, with resistant materials that are resistant to rigid conditions. Our screens are designed to be durable and shall not deteriorate in terms of functionality or the appearance of damage in the long run. 

 Innovative Technology 

Our motorized screens were designed for better performance, and their operation is not noisy or jerky. Motorized screens can typically be operated using a remote control. This innovation brings changes that make your screens useful and easily accessible. 

Customization Options 

We know that each home is different and has specific characteristics that make it comfortable for its inhabitants. That is why we offer the possibility of choosing appropriate variants of work and finishing according to the client’s requirements. For instance, if you require balcony mosquito screens or even door mosquito screens, we can create a full range of sizes and colours as required in your place at very affordable prices. 

Sleek and Modern Design 

The Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens we have are not only useful but can also fit in any  home. This sophisticated and slim appearance allows it to blend in smoothly with any construction style. Further, it adds to the elegant look of your home while effectively serving your need for protection from insects. 

Exceptional Customer Support 

Freedom Screens ensures customer satisfaction, which has always been our top priority. Our hardworking staff is eager to guide you through any inquiry you may have, including the selection of the product or disassembling/assembly assistance/ maintenance and other additional services after the purchase. With this in mind, we seek to provide you with the best experience when engaging with us at your service. 

Investing in Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens from Freedom Screens is smart for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Whether you need a mosquito screen for your balcony doors or comprehensive insect screens for your home, our innovative solutions offer unmatched protection, convenience, and style.  

By choosing Freedom Screens, you invest in quality, durability, and cutting-edge technology backed by exceptional customer service. Transform your outdoor spaces into a bug-free sanctuary and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our Smart Motorized Mosquito Screens. Visit Freedom Screens today to learn more about how our products can enhance your living environment.