Yamini Palm Meadows Villa


Mrs. Yamini, is a villa owner in Palm Meadows, a gated community in Hyderabad. All the villas here have a big and beautiful backyard. Having the benefit of getting fresh air in from the backyard, Mrs. Yamini always likes to keep her beautiful UPVC woodgrain finish backyard door open to let all that fresh air into the living room.


Insects and especially mosquitoes come along with greenery. So, as much as Mrs. Yamini liked to keep the backyard door open, she had to keep it shut if it was not for the insects. She was never really able to enjoy the fresh air of her backyard in the living room.


Installing the Freedoms Infinity Retractable Zip-Line screens powder-coated in perfectly matched wood grain finish as the UPVC door is the best solution, solving all the problems of the client. First, the house is now protected from insects yet allows fresh air in. Second, not losing the beauty of the backyard door, as Freedom screens retract back and disappear when not required. Third, the aesthetics of the place are kept intact by exactly matching the wood grain finish of the UPVC door to the frame of our Freedom Infinity Screen.