Dhruv Bungalow


Mr. Murarka owns this beautiful bungalow in Film Nagar, Hyderabad. As soon as you enter the bungalow you see a beautiful living room with high ceilings and beautiful white marble flooring which is then connected to the lush green backyard with an amazing wooden slide & fold backyard door. Mr. Murarka always wants to keep the backyard door open to let all the fresh air into the house.


Along with the fresh air, there used to be a lot and a lot of insects getting in as well, especially mosquitoes as they bread well in green areas.


Understanding the problem of Mr. Murarka, we found our Freedom Retractable Smart Manual Screens to be the perfect fit for the bungalow. Powder coating the screens to exactly match the wooden door, the Smart screens was chosen to keep in mind the bottom track-less system so that we did not have to disturb the beautiful white marble flooring.