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Freedom Screens originated in Australia and has been made available in India since the year 2014 with the vision of improving the quality, and luxury of living for people all across the country. Defined by style, quality, and intelligent innovation, Freedom Screens has become the leading brand in retrofit screens in India. Our Founder, Dilip Patel put his heart and soul in freedom screens and with his team behind him, has managed to expand his business across 11 cities in India. 

We believe in interacting with our clients on a personal level. This allows us to understand the needs of the client better while enabling them to make an informed decision of purchasing the right screen befitting their needs.

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Our Products

Infinity Zip-Line I Series​

Discreet and modern Freedom Infinity Zip-line I will open up your home so you can experience elegant outdoor living. Now spanning up to 9 meters, withstanding high wind pressure.

Infinity Zip-Line II Series​

Discover the benefits of opening your home with our Freedom ZL2 Retractable Screen, a stylish screen solution that enhances your comfort and safety in your favorite living areas, spanning up to 13 meters wide.

Smart Motorized Series​

Our Freedom SmartScreen Motorized allows you to entertain your family and guests in your indoor and outdoor areas without the pesky insects, at a touch of a button. Spanning up to 6.5 meters wide & 5 meters in height.

Smart Manual Series

Protect your window openings just by one pull and enjoy the fresh air coming in, filtering out the bugs.

Prima Zip-Line Series

The best Zip-Line retractable option for smaller openings like Main doors, utility doors, small window openings, etc.