Rain and Storm Damage? Think Luxury with 4 Revolutionary New Screens!


Do you remember your childhood nursery rhyme — “Rain Rain, Go Away”…. If yes, then you must also be staring at your house getting flooded due to pounding rains lashing at your windows and doors, while you are stuck bailing out water.

It is a fact that some houses in certain localities ( low-lying areas) are prone to flooding, and some areas get more than normal rains that cause more damage than necessary. If you fall into either of these two categories, this is a must-read article for you.

The monsoon season starts in Kerala around the end of May or the beginning of June. They cross Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat before moving towards the East. As this monsoon ends after nearly four months, the Southeast monsoon commences its journey ending after almost 3 months. This journey of approximately 8 months leaves Indian states and citizens drenched and homes flooded.

How can one put an end to this misery? It is simple. Install the Rain Protection Screens from Freedom Screens and be free of heavy rains or trickling water entering your home.

As the name suggests, Freedom Screens not only protect you from the rains, but from mosquitoes, rodents, insects, and bugs too. Let us be practical. As much as humans prefer to remain safe and enclosed after heavy rains, so do rodents, bugs, and insects. They would love to enter the cozy home that you have built with love, so they can protect themselves while making you have sleepless nights.

Once you install our Rain Protection Screens from Freedom Screens, these issues will be a thing of the past.

In India, Freedom Screens don’t only offer multiple choices of screens but solutions for your luxurious homes. There is the:

Insect Screens

Sun Blinds

Privacy Screens

Rain Protection Screens

Though all the products from the house of Freedom Screens offer you protection from heavy rains, gusty winds, and insects, ensuring they are pet and wheelchair friendly are the highlights of these products that are designed in Australia while proudly carrying the Make in India tag.

The unique no-gap system ensures the fabric is fully encased into the aluminum frame. This ensures there are no gaps for water, sunlight, glare, and insects to pass through thus lowering the effect of rain and strong winds.

The benefits are many. To name a few:

· It is convenient and easy to use

· Zero tripping and,

· Lowers the electricity costs tremendously

· Lastly, it is easy to maintain. All one needs is a brush and a vacuum cleaner to make it look brand new.

These screens come with a three-year limited warranty and can be installed in the balcony, doors, garages, small openings, and outward opening windows.

Two more advantages:

· They can be retracted and completely opened out when it is summer or spring, and fresh air is what the doctor ordered.

· These Rain Protection Screens can also be used to shield your house during the heavy rains.

What can one do until the luxury screen solutions from Freedom Screens are installed, at your home as the skies get darkened and the threat of heavy rains is a matter of time?

The first step is to place your order for the retractable screens. Then check out for any damage, leaks, and cracks. If you have a rainwater harvesting system, ensure it works and is not blocked with piles of leaves or plastic.

Keep an eye out for watermarks on the roof, under windows, and on exterior walls. Do a thorough walkthrough, and look for gaps, cracks, holes, and damage around problem areas, such as your windows, and the roof (if you are living on the topmost floor).

As we approach the monsoon season, get your balcony screens installed, while you sit, and enjoy the rains with a cup of tea and some snacks surrounded by your books, music, and loved ones.

Last but not the least, have several umbrellas, torch lights, and a dozen candles, for if not anything else you are still protected from the heavy rains with the safety of the screen solutions from Freedom Screens.

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