Indians’ Taste For Home Design Shows Signs Of Maturity


The outbreak of the pandemic was a silver lining for residential real estate. The focus on new homes attracted an influx of buyers and investors alike. Luxury housing suddenly saw a peaking interest from across demographics.

Themes from all over the world are being incorporated into commercial and residential spaces. The Mediterranean Style, the European Style, and the Ethnic Style of Design and Décor are becoming increasingly popular.

The wave of home and interior design has inspired many to set up design-centric businesses in India. One such individual is Mr.Dilip Patel, owner, and Founder of Freedom Screens who saw a market for Retractable screens and External blinds for luxurious homes but with the best of both worlds i.e cross ventilation and without the bug menace.

A pioneering company, Freedom Screens has changed the face of home décor in India. The luxurious Muppa Construction Farmhouse, located in Hyderabad and featuring a front façade made entirely of fixed glass, let in harsh sunlight which heated their home.

Muppa Constructions Farmhouse

In a conversation with Mr.Dilip, he said to solve this problem, we incorporated the concept of External Blinds to protect the family from the sunlight during the day and give them the freedom to draw the blinds to get a look at the amazing view in the evenings. In addition to this, he said that start-ups and new offices, old and established offices are also considering refurbishing their office spaces.

On the other hand, luxury homes were out of reach for most Indians in 2010. Only the ultra-rich, NRIs could afford them. Many NRIs invested in luxury real estate in India intending to make a profit. Other consumers were not yet interested in luxury homes—they focused on location and prestige rather than the quality of life.

But India’s desire for more luxurious home décor and real estate has grown over the years. Since 2013 there has been a wave of increased awareness among people who want better living spaces.

During the pandemic, being confined to their homes for a long time in the new normal, the demand for homes with ultra-modern amenities skyrocketed. Those who already owned property decided to upgrade, as they were accustomed to better-living conditions. 

Mr.Dilip adds that Freedom Screens is the leading company of retrofit retractable screening solutions for a luxurious living due to the increased demand for better and safer living conditions.

When asked how Retractable screens and External blinds complement luxurious living today, Mr. Dilip said outdoor kitchens are a common favorite among people. Although the world is getting used to the new normal and outdoor gatherings at home have become increasingly popular, one of the main problems people face nowadays is the mosquito menace and the harsh sunlight during these hot summers. Mr. Dilip had this to say about the matter: “We provide screening solutions that complement our clients’ houses, the way they want it to, something that looks original to their homes and which helps them have a great experience without worrying about the house heating up because of the sunlight while getting rid of the mosquitoes as well.”

Yamini Palm Meadows Villa

Retractable Screens are another new favorite among homeowners seeking luxury in their homes. Perfect for glass sliding doors overlooking the amazing view of the front yard. Mr Dilip gives a great example of another client called Mrs. Yamini, homeowner of a villa in Palm Meadows, a gated community in a posh locality in Hyderabad, who had a glass sliding door overlooking an amazing front yard but the harsh sunlight heated up her house because of that, this was solved by installing retractable screens which made her life much more easier, now she was able to look out and enjoy her evenings without her house heating up.

While India might be far from the ideal home design and decoration market, Freedom Screens is making significant strides and staking its claim in the Indian design world. The team at Freedom Screens anticipates that there will be more growth in demand for quality infrastructure and consumer spending power in the future, which will go a long way to ensure sustainable growth for Freedom Screens.

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