Venkateshwara Lodha Lellezza


Mr. Venkateshwara Rao, owner of a beautiful flat at Lodha Bellezza, Hyderabad. Living in one of the most premium apartments in Hyderabad, this flat is huge and having a really big balcony, precisely 6.2 meters wide and 4 meters deep! A 267 square feet Balcony. Being one of the few high rises of Hyderabad, the view from this balcony was astonishing. Mr. Venkateshwara wanted to spend most of his evenings out on the balcony.


MOSQUITOES! Lodha Bellezza is constructed where no buildings are surrounding it, it’s all-lush green. So, Mr. Venkateshwara was tired of all kinds of insects especially mosquitoes entering his balcony. He also did not want to put any fixed structure on the balcony as staying in Lodha Bellezza you can not compromise on the beautiful view. Another problem was the wind speed on that 17th floor. All the local vendors had refused on installing at such height.


Freedom Screens installed their Infinity Retractable Zip-Line screens to the complete end of the balcony. Now the client can enjoy the massive balcony he owns without worrying about mosquitoes and the view getting disturbed. Freedom’s Infinity screens can be retracted back when not need and brought back on when need seamlessly. Being ‘Zip-Line’ screens the client need not worry about mesh blowouts as these screens can withstand 100 kmph wind speed.