Muppa Constructions Farmhouse


This client has a beautiful farmhouse with a front façade built completely of fixed glass. This element took the farmhouse to a whole new level. Having a beautiful view of the landscaping done on the lawn, the client can enjoy his time relaxing on the front-facing couches.


Having a completely see-through front façade, the client also needed privacy from the people working on the landscaping in the lawn many a time. Also, the bare glass is used to get in an excess amount of heat and sunlight.


Keeping in mind the concept of the external blind, Freedom installed its Smart Motorized Privacy and Sun Control blinds outside the glass façade. This solved all the three problems of the client. The external motorized blinds gave the privacy the client need, while people can see from inside to out, but not from outside to in. These blinds controlled the sunlight entering the farmhouse and since they were installed externally the temperature inside is also maintained cool.